The Bulgarian ambassador is found eviscerated in his London quarters, and Major Sonja Slade of the Prussian Army searches for his killer while trying to forget her own ties to the dead man.


Update Blitz

Thursday December 13, 2012

You've all done a lot of waiting and being patient the last several months -- so we've decided to get the ball rolling a little faster for you. Starting today, we're going back to our original plan. Instead of one character a week, we're giving you all four in one shot. The first of these are passing through the internet on their way to subscribers even as I type this.

And it's a really great set of updates, too, if I do say so myself. I hope you find them as delightful as we do!

Going forward, this is how we'll be doing it. We can't guarantee we'll be doing these super-updates every week, but we will try to get them out at least every other week. We'd love to wrap up this season, get the bound books on order, and maybe even start thinking about a second season, too.

Thanks again for your patience -- and we really hope you love where the story is going next!




Pssst, Andrea here. Don't tell the others, but I wanted to have a private word with you. You may have noticed a dearth of updates around here for the last, oh, month or so. That's all my fault. See, I'm the one whose job it is to do the sending-out of each weekly email update, and the Week 12 Kitty was delayed as I did such exciting things as evacuate from Hurricane Sandy, endure two weeks of camping in a tent in my living room as I had no heat or power, and then host a major American family holiday while picking up the pieces.

As alarming as it all may sound, don't worry on my account. My family and home survived more or less intact, no flooding, only moderate wind damage. All's well, and that means turning attention back to outstanding commitments such as Balance of Powers!

The Week 12 Kitty update is even now winging her way to subscribers, and should also be posted to the site in the next couple of days. Whew.

Meanwhile, you know who to hurl your wrath upon for the long delay. Sorry, sorry, you know none of us loves you any less even in our silence. And I think more news will be coming soon...


Missing Week

10th September 2012

Just a quick heads up -- as you may already know, we missed sending out last week's update to subscribers on Friday, and we missed publishing a new episode on Sunday. That's because of Dreamhost. The wiki containing all of our content went missing for about a week, which threw our editorial process for a loop.

The site is back up now (huzzah!) and we're working on getting the missing episode up as soon as we can get it through final edits, with regular updates to resume at the end of this week per normal.

We've also learned a Valuable Lesson, and we've made a backup of the core narrative elsewhere. Hugs and kisses, and thanks for your patience, as always!



1st August 2012

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